Commercial | Industrial | Institutional Oz Optics Major commercial installation for a 100,000 square foot Production and Training Facility for Fiber Optic components. Remote control lighting (each workstation controls areas for lighting), 600V distribution, Surge Suppression, Electronic Noise Filtering. Oz Generator Housing Design, supply and installation of Alternative power systems and Emergency Power supplies, from small portable units to Megawatt Generators. Oz Dome & Outdoor Soccer Field New FIFA-spec soccer field. 20,000 square foot recreational facility with remote lighting control for the indoor & the outdoor soccer field.   First Air Long term client for electrical maintenance, new installation for Cafeteria and Offices, retrofitting offices with energy efficient lighting, installation and maintenance of fire alarm system, various machinery, maintenance for runway lights at the CARP Airport.   Calabogie Peaks New installation of equipment and maintenance of lifts and snow making plant. Made with Xara COMMERCIAL